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Nordic Naturals ProDHA ProOmegaWe offer a wide range of wellness products for your complete eye health.


Nordic Naturals ProOmega for dry eyes and Nordic Naturals ProDHA Eye to help prevent UV damage

Essential Fatty Acids are nutritional cornerstones of human health. Two major families of fats are comprised under this designation, omegas 3 and 6. They are deemed “essential” because we need them for proper health—much like certain vitamins and minerals—but cannot produce them on our own. We must therefore consume these fats through diet or supplementation.


RevitaLash eyelash conditioner. RevitaLash 3.5 revitalash-advanced-6month_5_3

Enhance the look of luxurious eyelashes for dramatic, natural beauty. This finely-calibrated breakthrough
cosmetic formula addresses the visual signs of eyelash aging and stress – dry, brittle, lifeless lashes.

Here are Melanie’s real results:



After 8 - 10 weeks

After 8 – 10 weeks









TEARS and Oasis TEARS PLUS oasis tears

oasis tears plus

This product is uniquely formulated to give your eyes instant relief and long-lasting comfort. With every blink, the preservative-free formulation protects and moistens the surface of your eyes.


Bruder Eye Hydrating Compress Bruder info

bruder eye hydrating compress

A natural, proven way to bring relief to dry eye syndrome, styes, chalazions and blepharits.